petek, 29. avgust 2008

Little vacation

Hello everybody,

here are some pics from short vacation in Croatia.
The weather was great (sunny 38°C), sea was crystal clear, I had a great company and I've finally took my dog Don with us.

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2008

Hot summer here

I'm enjoying hot August here at home and watching Olympic games.
We have gold (Primoz Kozmos - Hammer Throw ), silver (Sara Isakovic swimming) and two bronze medals (Lucija Polavder judo and Rajmond Debevec shooting)!!! I'm happy for all those big champions and all other who tried and give their best. We've missed few medals just for a hair's breadth.

sreda, 06. avgust 2008


Yes, I'm right here now!
The weather is not so nice this time but I like the place. Beautiful city, nice people...