četrtek, 28. oktober 2010

Is female bodybuilding really dead?

OMG, I was in shock the other day when I read on the few boards that 'female bodybuilding is dead and will be phased out by 2012' !
How could that happen?! And right now when I finally came into the game?!

Now the dust has settled down and I feel better knowing that WPD won't destroy bb but it will become only one more category. Sure I also love the look of Cory Everson but IFBB PRO fbbs are way too ahead to compete at that level. And if they are saying that fbb is too extreme, we still have judges who should give us an example how fbb should look.

Believe me, there is plenty fbb out there who wanna stay feminine and beautiful, who don't have to shave, have all our hair, normal voice and don't look like men yet have built a good amount of muscles.

OK, enough of talking :)
Let me just invite you to the opening of the new discoteque Extreme Club in Kranj, where will you see this photo on the wall...

ponedeljek, 25. oktober 2010


Few more memories from wonderful city...

nedelja, 24. oktober 2010

For my Canadian fans

Was enjoying Toronto a lot...

ponedeljek, 18. oktober 2010

East Coast Mecca

While staying in NYC I had to visit East Coast Mecca, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym...

nedelja, 17. oktober 2010

četrtek, 14. oktober 2010


...after few months of dieting I can finally eat huge amounts of food again :)

ponedeljek, 11. oktober 2010

On the rocks...

...ok, enough of bikinis for now, let me show you some nice dresses :)

sobota, 09. oktober 2010

petek, 08. oktober 2010

On the beach...

Another hot day in Jamaica...

četrtek, 07. oktober 2010

Time to relax and enjoy...

In one of my favorite places :)

Few pics when I arrived...don't worry, bikini photos coming soon :)