torek, 30. oktober 2012

BTV 5: Venice

My usual stop after Ms. O where I enjoy relaxing in amazing apartment on the beach, waking up early in the morning and have a long walk from Venice Beach up to Santa Monica Pier (perfect cardio). After that I sit down into the sand and watch the waves, I could do that for hours... 


Gold's Gym Venice is a must. I love the fact that IFBB PRO's have free entrance because you have to have a workout at The Mecca if you are true BB :) This time I trained with Charles Glass and all I can say that I will be back to Venice very soon!

And the Muscle Beach of course :)

torek, 23. oktober 2012

Something for you

All my biggest fans can now can download free application for android phone from Google Play called "Brigita Brezovac Fans". You'll get updates for my blog, FB, Twitter...and great photos  :)  Check it out!

ponedeljek, 22. oktober 2012

BTV 4: Olympia Seminar

Sunday morning there is always the seminar with the winners of Olympia. It's great event where they have speeches about their battle and answering Bob's questions.

With Bob Cicherillo, Olympia emcee and entertaining host of Superstar seminar
And my trainer George Farah, finally we have a nice photo together :)

Our Olympia Queen, 8 times Ms. Olympia, amazing Iris Kyle

I was lucky to catch Debi at the coffee shop, also my dear friend Alina Popa stopped by. It was great to see the girls after the contest when everything is more relaxed and we had some food :) I wish I could see them more often. All of the competitors have amazing personalities! 

petek, 19. oktober 2012

BTV 3: Olympia Expo 2012

The expo this year was twice as big as usual! I had a great time walking around, meeting friends and taking photos with fans. Here are some highlights:

Great Vicki Gates;  Legendary Diana Dennis and my dear friend Helen Bouchard;  Tony Doherty IFBB promoter from Australia

sobota, 13. oktober 2012

BTVegas 2: Olympia Gala Dinner

Unfortunately I don't have the photo from our table but I had very nice company seating together with Ms. O runner up Debi Laszewski and new pro Michelle Brent and their husbands.
Still I got few good shots.

First with Mohamad CEO of Muscle Mass who helps me in Dubai, next with great Helle Nielsen

I'm happy to had a word with my two biggest inspirations in bodybuilding.
Beautiful Lenda Murray and Philosophical Kai Green 


petek, 12. oktober 2012

Back to Vegas 1: Meet the Olympians

 I'm back home and I had an amazing trip so I want to share with you some great memories from Ms. Olympia 2012..

I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who stopped at my booth ay Meet the Olympian and supported me. I was surprised and happy to see how many fans I have all around the world! Not only from Europe and USA but also from Australia, Mexico, Brazil, India... Thank you all, it was my pleasure to meet you!

Here is my dearest Helen Bouchard and Daphne; and sweet Antoinette Thompson

Stay tuned for more :)

petek, 05. oktober 2012

Ms. Olympia 2012

I feel blessed to participated on Ms. Olympia and it was amazing to be on the biggest stage again!
This year I placed 5th and learned many new things which will help me to bring even better package next year!

Walking to my next tanning appointment...


Best girls


Celebrating at the dinner...

sreda, 03. oktober 2012

Quick Olympia update

First of all I would like to thank you all for amazing support and positive energy!

Ms. Olympia was again very tiring, exciting and full of emotions life time experience but I will write more in next few days...when I find some time.
It was my honor to be the part of such a prestigious even and compete on the highest level among the best.

And some candid photo; I was celebrating my b-day and Olympia with my favorite champagne :)


ponedeljek, 03. september 2012

Keep on working...

Yeah, I look little tired today but no worries, I was in the gym later than usual and it's just Sunday, the day which I usually had off to relax. But not now. The "day O" is approaching fast! And actually I'm doing very good comparing to last preparations. I'm not exhausted and I have a great pump! 

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become." - Steve Jobs 

torek, 28. avgust 2012

Last month of preparations

I usually prefer staying more off-line during the last month of contest preparation but I’m getting kind emails to keep on blogging. And yes, I will post more photos from my workouts in future.

You already know that bodybuilding requires extreme discipline and inner drive to constantly push yourself beyond the level of comfort. When preparing for contest we have to work the hardest we can every single day, few times per day if necessary to get in our absolute best shape. Still the workout may last an hour or two but the dieting is 24 hours a day so we need to count every single gram of carbs, proteins, and fats we consume. And the fact is that the lack of carbs affects our brain and mood. Not in a very positive way lol

I would love to see more girls posting a photo of their preps, just to make the game more interesting, keep rumors circulating and promote the show. But in this sport it doesn't matter what other competitors are doing; you are just technically competing against the others. Truly you are competing only against yourself. For this reason, there is no point in worrying about what others do. You need to do your best and show up in the absolute best shape you can because that is all you can control.

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

nedelja, 05. avgust 2012

Back workout

Few shots from back workout in Maxx Gym...

sobota, 04. avgust 2012

Time for updates

We are 8 weeks out of Ms. Olympia so it's time to start posting some photos from my workouts.
I'm back home, enjoying the hot summer here and working hard for September.
This year I'm working with George Farah and I'm really happy with my preps...never been better :)

torek, 10. julij 2012


I have a great training partner in Australia, we play with big weights at the best and the biggest gym Derrimut 24:7 and promoting our trainer :)
Few shots... and the link

sreda, 04. julij 2012

Preps in the biggest gym

Finally updates on time!
I'm in Australia, preparing for Ms.O in the biggest gym I ever seen, Derrimut Gym 24:7 in Caroline Springs, Melbourne. It has 5000m2 and it's packed with great machines and plenty of free weights.

Here are few pics, working out the hammies and calves, with my trainer Zmago Karner ( If you need the best coach, you know where to find him ;)