sreda, 30. november 2011

Short trip

I was in beautiful Italy for a few days and it was warm sunny weather...perfect to walk around!
I was very impressed by Coloseum and was great to have a guide who explained you all the history around that magnifcent creation! Here are few shots ...

...and one from Milano where I discovered the best paninis on the world :)

ponedeljek, 14. november 2011


I'm doing great! After Ms. O I've moved to the new apartment few steps away from my gym Betnava. It's so convienient and I can do my workout at anytime!

Well, it's time to send the letter of consideration to IFBB and aply for Arnold Classic. I've never competed at Ms. International and I really wish to be on that prestigious stage. After all, I live less than hour away from Arnold's birthplace in Austria, how cool is that :)

Anyway, here a quick shot before leaving to the gym...leg day...I guess it's obvious whose videos I like...

torek, 08. november 2011

torek, 01. november 2011

At the pool in Vegas

As you see I like spending time next to the pool :)
Before Olympia...

And after...