četrtek, 28. julij 2011

Sample from Shooting

with fashion photographer Norbert Kniat. Check out his work at http://www.kniat.de/content/site.html

We met in Vienna couple of months ago and he is great guy! I just received photos and here is one for you :)

torek, 26. julij 2011

Sponsorship by Gigi

Nope, I don't have any supplement company supporting me but I have something better...
Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories; professional cosmetics, based on natural ingredients with effective and visible results, whose products are not tested on animals.

And Big Thanks to Mojca who is taking care of my skin every week :)

sreda, 20. julij 2011

What kept me busy last week...

Look at this sugarboy :)
He was my guest for a week and we had fun!

četrtek, 14. julij 2011

Photos from Tampa

...back at home, sweating a lot this hot summer...

Here are few shots as I've promised :)


The next day...

torek, 05. julij 2011

In Celebration of the 4th of July

...I walked around in downtown LA in the bikini and fight for female bodybuilding :)

Shooting in LA

I had a great time shooting with Mark in LA, there will be plenty of killer content coming up on my VIP site at http://www.brigitabrezovacVIP.com/ so check it out!

First outfit...

And I finally met sexy and beautiful Samantha! Check her measurements at http://www.samanthakelly.com/

nedelja, 03. julij 2011

San Francisco

...beautiful city!

I was not lucky enough to get to the Alcatraz as everything was booked up but I had a great time walking around...

One of my favorite restaurants...

...and here is the reason why :)

petek, 01. julij 2011

Best things...

...in Miami are three.
Beach, pina coladas and shisha.
Well, I could also add shopping and clubbing but don't have the photos :)

I found great Egypt place and they had amazing selection of flavors and styles... WoW!
Never saw so many different shishas (look at the photo-watermelon base!)

And the highlight of this evening...white python! I enjoyed the big snake being wrapped around me, pure muscles!