torek, 28. december 2010

Muscle Mass opening


didn't have time yet to wish you all happy holidays... I'll do that soon :)
Just few photos which I owe you from opening of another Muscle Mass store in Dubai.
I had a wonderful time all three days with great company, champions Anton Kraft, Tareq Al Farasani, Feras Tahhan, Omar Hammam, Ahmad Hussain and the big boss Mohamad Alkabbani. Thank you all fans to visit us there!

nedelja, 19. december 2010

I'm stuck!

Yeah, my late flight was cancelled so I'm staying in Paris. Which is not that bad at all:)
Amsterdam was amazing, cannot wait to come back in March.
Few memories...

torek, 14. december 2010


...from wonderful and very cold Paris...

sobota, 11. december 2010

Music video :)

Oh, what a great memories from year 2003...
Can you recognize me? Was still fitness category then and did a little bit of dancing at that time :)

nedelja, 05. december 2010


From the hot beach in Dubai at 30°C I arrived back home to -5°C and snow up to the knees.
Sure it's beautiful everything covered with the white blanket but it's also freezing. Had to go to sauna every second day to survive and acclimatize :)

And some sweet memories from the last week...