sreda, 18. januar 2012

Time for Update

Yes, it's about time to make some update and follow my resolutions :)

I train harder than ever and I'm happy to have such a drive and motivation. I like long and heavy workouts, it just works for me. Like for example, I did 10 exercises per 4 sets for my quads last week…lifted more than 25 tons of weight in that workout! Still didn't get the result I wanted-I rarely get a good "muscle fever" next day…

Right now I'm working on my guest posing and promotion of female bodybuilding at the IFBB Pro Grand Prix in Australia where I should travel after Arnold. I started shooting my workouts so I'll bring my first DVD with me :)

I had few interviews for Slovenian newspaper and TV and it's great to get so many opportunities for representing this sport. Its our, FBB's responsibility to make the sport we love more popular; trying to promote the sport on the healthy way, write blogs and let people see that we are also "kind of humans" when we are not dieting for the show lol…use social networks like Twitter and FB to stay in touch with fans all year long…

What else? Any suggestions? Please help!