sobota, 22. maj 2010

Pumping up

My training is going great, here is a photo from yesterday's workout...

sreda, 19. maj 2010

Istanbul again

And few more photos...

nedelja, 16. maj 2010


Have to urgently do another update since I've receive complaint from my Turkish fans regarding the same outfit :) So here are few pics from Fibo again...with my favorite car :)


What a wonderful city where East meets West, the bridge between Europe and Asia.
Nice people, good food, waterpipes and so much to see; impressive museums, mosques and bazaars...
And plenty of is day 1

sobota, 01. maj 2010

FIBO 2nd part

Here are few photos from Saturday... I guess I was more attacted to take photos with the new toy from my friend Joeri than muscular guys at expo :)
But it was amazing driving at 300km/h! And what a acceleration! WoW!

And handsome Victor :)