petek, 27. avgust 2010


...everything is going well, got some backpain while doing squats the other day but it's getting better again...with the help of my bioenergetic therapist :)

No new photos but here is a sample from shooting with Mike Yurkovich in Tampa.

sreda, 11. avgust 2010

Back home

So I've started training hard and after two weeks of lots of good food I like dieting again :)
Oh yeah, I love my preparations for Ms O and I'm so happy that I'll have the chance to pose on the big stage!

četrtek, 05. avgust 2010

Posing suit

I've just received my sposored posing suit for Ms Olympia!
WOW, it looks amazing! It's very shiny and it fits me perfect!

I have to give big thanks to Celeste who made it for me. If you need a great posing suit, check out Suits by Celeste on

No, I'm not puting the photo online, you'll see at the big show :)
But here is the new photo from Bill Dobbins!