torek, 26. marec 2013

Venice Beach & My Cool T-shirts

I got my new favorite t-shirts so I had to do some shots!
Which one you prefer :)

I was very happy to see my photo still hanging next to the legendary Arnold in the window on Muscle Beach!

Sure, I had to pump up a little bit...

ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

Pink Venice Beach :) second home :)
Always staying in amazing apartment with the best views, right on the beach, 5 min away from Gold's Gym Venice and a little longer walk to Whoole Foods. Couldn't be better for a bodybuilder :)

It was little chilly but sunny weather, still very nice to enjoy walking on the beach...

I regular go to Gold's, of course

Buying luggage...I did too much shopping and I needed additional bag...ooops, pink again

OK, I admit I became officially addicted to pink so I had to take few shots

Leaving sunny LA, at the airport having healthy snack before flying out with jumbo 

četrtek, 21. marec 2013

San Francisco & NYC Again

As you probably already noticed, I love being tourist. I love to travel and I will never complain over 20 hours long flight in economy class or packing my bags all the time. As long as I'm flying around, I'm happy :)
San Francisco is perfect city to be a tourist and explore different neighborhoods. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in US.  So many things to do and to see...
I was riding special trains again :)

And not to mention the shopping around Union Square...that was way too much!

Another city I love, NYC...what can I say...New York City, Such A Beautiful Disease

My usual stop is a bookstore where I can spend hours...

It was really cold walking on bright Times Square late at night but I had my biggest hat and other necessary winter equipment to keep me warm :)

ponedeljek, 18. marec 2013

Alcatraz Tour


During my stay in San Francisco I finally visited a must-see attraction Alcatraz


A boat ride out was a lot of fun

You can even check the cells

What a bad place to be...

It was a beautiful sunny day with spectacular views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate

četrtek, 14. marec 2013

My Arnold Expo & Ms. International 2013

Yes I know I'm late but I'm finally back home. Was pretty lucky yesterday to get different flight because Europe is covered with snow...again.

OK, let me start on the beginning, ready for a long way to US...

While waiting till day D, I was not in the mood for shooting...or anything else lol
But afterwards I had my camera everywhere :)

This year Meet and Greet was not that busy as Arnold was not there. But I had a great company, winner of Ms. Fitness International Tanji Johnson, truly amazing athlete!

Here are some shots from prejudging...

And finals...

I got 4th place this year, so I'm climbing up the ladder :)

Got my gift the very next day! Yep, bodybuilders love to cook!

I made tons of photos at the expo but unfortunately not with my camera. Still I have these, with beautiful Michelle Cummings and funny Andy Haman :)

After-party was in new casino with lots of food and great music.

Had a big and tasty spicy dinner before that but I could't resist to try out the sweets...
There was a hat with balloons on each the end of the party I had to wear one back to the hotel...and we had some fun with squeaky helium talk in the car :D

I don't have any photo from amazing seminar with Arnold on sunday morning but we did a photo shooting together later in the day...
  I was lucky to meet more friends in the lobby, I'm sure you recognize Kim and Antoinette

And more food photos...this time from Mexican restaurant