četrtek, 21. marec 2013

San Francisco & NYC Again

As you probably already noticed, I love being tourist. I love to travel and I will never complain over 20 hours long flight in economy class or packing my bags all the time. As long as I'm flying around, I'm happy :)
San Francisco is perfect city to be a tourist and explore different neighborhoods. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in US.  So many things to do and to see...
I was riding special trains again :)

And not to mention the shopping around Union Square...that was way too much!

Another city I love, NYC...what can I say...New York City, Such A Beautiful Disease

My usual stop is a bookstore where I can spend hours...

It was really cold walking on bright Times Square late at night but I had my biggest hat and other necessary winter equipment to keep me warm :)

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