nedelja, 27. marec 2011


Just to let you know I'm working my butt off :)

petek, 25. marec 2011


A short preview of shooting with Doctor London previous weekend... Had a great time in action :)

You'll find more on my new website ...opening soon...

ponedeljek, 21. marec 2011

London Expo Day 2

Was definitely more busy, I had an interesting shooting and I met amazing people!
Well, here is the photo of one of my favorite European FBB's Lisa Cross...interesting couple... hopefully you'll see more of us together in the future ;)

nedelja, 20. marec 2011

London Fitness Expo Weekend

Great to be back in London, especially for this event and even the weather is nice!
Not much photos today...but here is one with sweet Fabi...karateka and afraid :)

ponedeljek, 14. marec 2011

In Preparation Mode - The 100 Days

Yeah, it's about time to start preparations for 2011...
Will update you with some photos along my way and here is new one for the start

sreda, 09. marec 2011

The Great Bill Dobbins

Whenever I shoot with Bill I get amazing work of art...

nedelja, 06. marec 2011

Happy Carnival

In our country we are trying to scare the winter away this weekend with an old usage.
It looks like american Haloween where people are wearing costumes, eat tons of doughnuts and at the end of the Carnival they burn the big witch on the stake.

Well, I'm not wearing any mask this year but I have one photo 10 years old when I was still working at the gym reception... Guys were delighted :)