torek, 29. september 2009

Back in London favorite european city! I will stay here for couple of days and then finally back home.
I've just received gorgeous photos from Robby Brand and cannot decide which ones to show you first because they are all amazing! We had a shooting in beginning of September and here are the first three...

nedelja, 27. september 2009

On my birthday...

...I had a great time in Atlantis The Palm hotel; first I was enjoying the water thrills at Aquaventure and boost my adrenaline on the near vertical Leap of Faith, in the evening I was exploring the mysterious ruins of Atlantis in The Lost Chambers, the maze of underwater halls and tunnels followed by great dinner and delicious birthday cake :)

But that was not all; because of my "rounded" anniversary I had to celebrate for 3 days so you can expect more photos soon...

petek, 25. september 2009

Celebrating... birthday!
I've started on September 24th at midnight, while still dieting I only had one glass of champagne and of course apple shisha (no calories :)
Here are few pics and there is much more to come...

sreda, 23. september 2009

Still on the beach...

...yes, that is what I like the most in Dubai. Besides shopping and going out :)
I was on the beautiful hotel beach yesterday where I made a lot of pics which are already on my website and also few movies which will be soon.

četrtek, 17. september 2009

Enjoying the beach

...I'm stil in Dubai, enjoying the hot weather here,... Yes, I'm also dieting and training of course...still no carbs and I'm sooo trainer said I'm in contest shape already so I just have to maintain the shape for couple more weeks and then finally step on the stage. Cannot wait!

ponedeljek, 07. september 2009

Leaving the Europe...

I'm still in Frankfurt right now but tomorrow I'm flying back to Dubai for 3 weeks to finish the hardest part of preparations without stress...only working out in the gym and lying next to the pool :)
Here are few pics of my previous visit and I'll keep you updated with my current shape.