četrtek, 11. december 2008

Fun in Dubai


I've just arrived home after spending 5 days in sunny Dubai.
Weather was very nice, beach even more and I also had a big fun in desert with riding a 4-wheeler over the dunes. Wow! That was something!
And of course very good dinners and relaxing shiha after that...and wonderfull bars with city view...

ponedeljek, 24. november 2008

Winter is coming...

...and I'm going to warm place soon :)

Last weekend there was one and only bodybuilding championship in my country.
No, I didn't compete this time but I was the judge...here are few pics...

torek, 11. november 2008


OK, one more photo from Bill Dobbins...
And greetings from London!

petek, 07. november 2008


I've received a lots of great photos this week (and yes, I'm putting them into the gallery on my future site :)
Here is one from great Bill Dobbins.

sreda, 29. oktober 2008

My website...

Hello my dearest fans,
I receive a lot of emails with question when my website will be finished...
I don't have the exact answer but I think it will be ready soon. It's almost done but I have to fill my galleries and I have so many photos and so little time...
I became a student again and I want to finish my diploma from economy.
But I'll do my best and try to put website online as soon as possible.
And thank you for your support; I really appreciate it.

četrtek, 16. oktober 2008


I've just received great photos from Steve W.
Nice memory and great experience from Las Vegas.

nedelja, 12. oktober 2008

Back at home

My travel to US was long and it's nice to be back home again. And I'm already back in the gym, the Olympia was very good motivation to work harder (with souvenir from Venice Beach :)

sreda, 08. oktober 2008

Miami...again :)

Yes, I'm here again. Whenever I visit US, I always visit Miami. It's very hot and humid but I like it :) Especially the beach!

And I'm still trying to keep in shape here...

sobota, 04. oktober 2008

Photo shootings

I was honored to work with best photographers while I'm travelling around the States.

The legendary Steve Wennerstrom for MD magazine who impressed me with simplicity and kindness

Jerry Fredrick for Ironman who was really sweet person although he "torture" me in Gold's :)

And genius Bill Dobbins (make up by Christina Garan)

petek, 03. oktober 2008

I love California!

Don't have much time here...just one quick pic for my greatest fans :)

torek, 30. september 2008


Here are few snapshots from Vegas.

Over the weekend I met a lot of superstars of the sport none more super than the great Lenda Murray.

petek, 26. september 2008

ViVa Las Vegas


I'm little late...arrived to Vegas yesterday...staying at Orleans.
It's great here, weather is fantastic and muscles everywhere you look.

And I've also met Slovenian celebrity here, Jurij Bradac.

sreda, 10. september 2008

The best sponsor

Yes, I have a great sponsor for two years now :)
Surprisingly it's not sport nutrition, far from that.
It's a company with street fashion and they have really great clothes there! You know that's pretty hard for us bodybuilders to find some nice clothes which fits us and we all have the same problem; well, not me since I have No Rools shop :)
On most of my photos I'm dressed in sponsor clothes but here is something from new collection.

sreda, 03. september 2008

Little vacation part 2

Vacations are over but we still have very warm and sunny weather here...I love it.
And here are few more pics from seaside in my photo album...

petek, 29. avgust 2008

Little vacation

Hello everybody,

here are some pics from short vacation in Croatia.
The weather was great (sunny 38°C), sea was crystal clear, I had a great company and I've finally took my dog Don with us.

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2008

Hot summer here

I'm enjoying hot August here at home and watching Olympic games.
We have gold (Primoz Kozmos - Hammer Throw ), silver (Sara Isakovic swimming) and two bronze medals (Lucija Polavder judo and Rajmond Debevec shooting)!!! I'm happy for all those big champions and all other who tried and give their best. We've missed few medals just for a hair's breadth.

sreda, 06. avgust 2008


Yes, I'm right here now!
The weather is not so nice this time but I like the place. Beautiful city, nice people...

ponedeljek, 28. julij 2008


Here I am after a long time...but I'll try to write more often...
I've spent few wonderful days in London and we had a great weather (well, I'm always lucky to have some sunshine in London). Everytime I'm there I visit one or two sights of this great city and this time I went to the trip with boat. That was something! Here are few photos...

sobota, 14. junij 2008

Can't get enough of Miami

Here I am again after 3 months...working on my tan ;)