sobota, 14. junij 2008

Can't get enough of Miami

Here I am again after 3 months...working on my tan ;)

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Rhys pravi ...

Hi Brigita.

I'm glad to know that you got a lot of hard training but equally you are allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the sights and good weather that miami has to offer. Everyday grows my admiration for you Brigita, you are a great example of the new generation of female bodybuilders. Take care and keep training hard. An affectionate hug on my part.

Best wishes,

P.S: Great drawings of you. Tomaz did a great job.

Dipo pravi ...

Wow as always lovely pics!

Dipo ;)

Dipo pravi ...

Lovely pictures as usual. :)


Тимофей Акутин pravi ...

ochen krasivo!