sreda, 30. december 2009


Finally my biggest dream came true, I became an IFBB PRO athlete! Wow!
I'm so happy and proud that I'll have a chance to stand next to the best female bodybuilders on the world!

Have a great holidays and happy celebration of 2010!
Thank you for all your support!

torek, 22. december 2009

Winter Wonderland

While visiting Switzerland I had to take a day off and enjoy the snow in Laax...

četrtek, 17. december 2009


I've just arrived home from US.
Here are some photos, also from lunch with famous Brad Harris and Bill Dobbins. I had a great time!

četrtek, 10. december 2009

Bill Dobbins


greeting from cold NYC, cannot wait to go to sunny California in couple of days.
I will meet famous Bill Dobbins again to make some plans for shootings next year! Cannot wait to get new photos from him!
I think that all the females should work with Bill at least one time in their life; he knows best how to make the excellent picture, highlight the beauty of a woman body.
And after all his images are timeless...

Be sure to check out his website www. and contact him at

sobota, 05. december 2009

Beach party

Here are some pics from Full Moon Beach Party "Winter Wonderland" from Nasimi Beach...yeah, it was great!