sobota, 21. april 2012

FIBO 2012 part 2

Today it was really crowded, was hard to move around! But I've manage to do some photos... 

Buch of muscles...with Klaudia Larson and Monica Martin

British strongman Eddie Hall, we met already in AU

Lada Plihalova, we also did a short interview for RxMuscle

Rita Sargo, FBB from Portugal

And beautiful Skadi Seifert

petek, 20. april 2012

FIBO 2012

Here we are again, all fitness and bodybuilding fans coming together in Essen!

Luckily today was not very busy; so much easier to walk and talk with people! Unfortunately almost no FBB's there, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

And few shots...

I met a good friend from Dubai, CEO of Muscle Mass

You all know Bob Cicherillo...and no, he's not against FBB's :)

Gorgeous Elena Shportun, she had amazing posing routine there!

And doing a short interview for

ponedeljek, 16. april 2012


Here you can check the interview I had on Saturday with Hans for GeneX and photos from Rebecca Andrews!