sobota, 14. junij 2008

Can't get enough of Miami

Here I am again after 3 months...working on my tan ;)

ponedeljek, 09. junij 2008

Enjoying Tampa

...and now I'm in sunny and pretty hot Florida...

In Tampa I've met the biggest bodybuilder Colette Guimond; she astonished me with her size and quality muscle mass but the most of all with her nice personality. She is true hardgainer!

We had a delicious dinner in very old Columbian restaurant watching flamingo dancers; the restaurant is 103 years old, has 15 dining rooms and they can feed 1700 there was enough food for us ;)

petek, 06. junij 2008


I was enjoying NYC for a whole week;
I had a great weather, good company and the best steaks ;)
Here are few shoots from the Big Apple...