ponedeljek, 09. junij 2008

Enjoying Tampa

...and now I'm in sunny and pretty hot Florida...

In Tampa I've met the biggest bodybuilder Colette Guimond; she astonished me with her size and quality muscle mass but the most of all with her nice personality. She is true hardgainer!

We had a delicious dinner in very old Columbian restaurant watching flamingo dancers; the restaurant is 103 years old, has 15 dining rooms and they can feed 1700 people...so there was enough food for us ;)

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Rhys pravi ...

Hi Brigita.

I'm glad to know that you are having a great time in Tampa with Colette. Yes, she's one real hardcore gal and i was real happy to know that there was enough food as i know that bodybuilders can just EAT all day looooong, lol! Hey could have got up on stage and done some posing as this would have been far more interesting to watch! lol! Take care and keep training hard.

An affectionate hug of my part and i hope you enjoy the rest of your stay there in the US.

Best wishes,