sobota, 30. april 2011

Samples from FIBO

I've received new samples from the shooting with Robby at FIBO

četrtek, 28. april 2011

The Porsche

I LOVE this beast :)
Especially on the German highways with no speed limit...

Unfortunately you cannot see much of the machine...

sreda, 27. april 2011

Gunz today :)

I'm happy cause my training is going well....

Also the Pump is amazing!

Couldn't decide which one is better...

torek, 26. april 2011

Shooting for Hello Panda

I had a fashion shooting for Hello Panda in chic Martini Bar...

Love that kind of work :)

ponedeljek, 25. april 2011

In the gym...

...just to let you know preparations are running smoothly...

And to give you a hint-I killed two Easter Chocolate Bunnies before going to gym for better pump ;)

sobota, 23. april 2011

petek, 22. april 2011

Still Antwerpen

I was staying in the hotel where all the stars and famous people go :)
The view from the room was amazing!

And few photos from the lobby...

Thanks to my best friend I had the chance to shoot with great artist Marc Legrange.

I would love to show you the work but we only did nude art photos...maybe if the photo will be published in his next book...

četrtek, 21. april 2011

Shopping in Antwerpen

I had a wonderful time in Antwerpen, fashionable city!

Luckily blondie was not standing too close during the water surprise :)

Weather was perfect, it was getting warm...

Going back to hotel at the end of long day...more tomorrow...

sreda, 20. april 2011

Fibo Afterparty

It was great to meet the girls, here few pics

Very good friend Maryse Manios in great shape

I finally met Oana Hreapca, such a beautiful and kind girl you would never thought she is the strongest fbb. She has huge muscles! Love her!

Biceps shot with Oana and Rita Sargo who was entertainer of the evening :)

sobota, 16. april 2011

FIBO report 2nd part

It was very busy today at FIBO and I watched the prejudging together with Lisa Cross. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to shoot something for our fans but that will come patient... :) I like her a lot and I think we have many things in common

Winner of Mr. Amateur Olympia overall in London few weeks ago, Sami Al Haddad

Also Annie Rivieccio was there!

Great Alina Popa

Big Katka Kyptova with new image

And Slovenian Strongman Gregor Stegnar, who was competing at FIBO

petek, 15. april 2011

FIBO report

Had a great time at the FIBO today, let me show you few shots...

First with Cathy LeFrancois, amazing fbb competitor who visited Europe for the first time and I finally had the oportunity to meet her as a friend not as a rival on stage. She is very sweet and approachable and I hope she will visit Europe more often.

Another great competitor Skadi Frei from Germany, looking good!

Was very happy to meet one of the most important man backstage at the IFBB PRO shows, Alonzo Smith

My friend Lada Plihalova, lovely girl from Prag

My favorite photographer Robby Brant :)

We have a shooting tomorrow, already excited as I always get the best photos from Robby!

And the guy who always bring the smile on my face, Xanderrr

torek, 12. april 2011


...didn't tell you that my biceps was injured but it's getting better again...

ponedeljek, 11. april 2011