ponedeljek, 29. november 2010

Quad bike

As you already know, one of my favorite sports here in Dubai is definitely driving with quad bike in the desert :)

nedelja, 28. november 2010

My favorite city...

...oh, I'm having a great time in Dubai again and here is one of the reasons why...
I know it's hard to believe that a man is giving the car key to a blondie but that's my ride here and I enjoy it sooo much!
So in case you see a blondie driving too fast, that's me :)

sobota, 20. november 2010


I visited new Revolution Gym in Celje the other day...Had a great workout and finally met my friends...

I couldn't resist to sit on this beautiful beast :)

petek, 12. november 2010

New stuff...

...just got new pics from Dan Ray...and entry form for Mrs. International...
Now it's not the time for me to start dieting again, now I need good off-season and pack on some quality meat :)
Still maintaining good shape as I'll be the guest in Dubai at the opening of the new supplement store Muscle Mass...but during December holidays it will be the best time to put on some weight...not all quality lol

sreda, 03. november 2010

Wow, what happened to me?!

I thought I wore the dress at the Meet the Olympians :)

And these two morphs are made by Area Orion, Ultimate human potential through science

ponedeljek, 01. november 2010

Preparing for the opening...

...of the new supplement store in Dubai Muscle Mass Nutrition (Deiyafa Steer, Al-Ghazal Mall, Shop G13)
Visit me there at the opening event on 25+26+27 November 2010 from 4:00pm to 10:00pm.

My weight came up to 75kg (165lbs) and I have to get back into decent shape :)
Just did legs today, trying to get back to old tracks. It's funny how everything hurts and feels heavy after you had few weeks off.