torek, 17. maj 2011

Toronto and Tampa Pro

I've sent in my contracts for competing at Toronto and Tampa Pro this year.
Everything is going by plan and I'm really looking forward to be on stage with many great competitors again!

petek, 13. maj 2011

The “Sportiest cars of 2010”

During my stay in Belgium I had a shooting for Argo Fashion in Mercedes garage in Tienen with Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with door wings!

Well, I was not lucky enough to get a ride but I heard loud AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid engine with 420 kW (571 hp) roaring!

sreda, 04. maj 2011

Training log

Yes, I'm still working hard and writing my training log while I still can. Usually the last few weeks I totally abandon this idea.

I love my training log and it's a thick book with my photos on the cover (just glued on :)
I've started writing it on May 5th 2009 for preparations on IFBB Amateur World's Women Championship later that year, then PRO debut on Tampa, Harford and Olympia in 2010.

Well, not all of my training are in there as I was travelling quite a lot last year and my baggage is always too heavy...

I had a bad backpain last week but thanks to my therapist I didn't miss any of my workouts.
And I've learned something new about the training principles :)

There is always something positive when negative things happen.