sreda, 28. januar 2009

Snowman :)

We finally have some snow here! And a lot of it!
Winter fairy tale came little late and left me 24 hours without electricity and in cold.
But don't worry-I feel great. And going to skiing to Kitzbühel this weekend!

nedelja, 18. januar 2009

March Iron Man 2009

I've just received the notice from Bill Dobbins that he has a layout of women's physique in the March 2009 edition of Iron Man - and I am in it!
Please be aware that the better the sales of Iron Man when they feature women the more likely they are to do this more often. So please spread the word to your friends, family and fans. It's getting harder and harder to get photos of female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors in the physique magazines and we need to do all we can to encourage the publishers to reverse this trend.

nedelja, 11. januar 2009

Video clip from my shoot with

Here is one of my video clips from my shoot with at the Olympia! There are more clips of me up on their site!

Spend a week with me in Jamaica!

I will be doing a photo and video shoot with in Jamaica June 7th - 14th, 2009 and you can join me! Email them at for all the details!

Spend a week in Jamaica with 12 fitness and FBB beauties!

četrtek, 08. januar 2009

After holidays...

Did you gain some weight through those long holidays?
Well, not me since I had a busy December. And now I have even more ideas and plans...
On Monday I'm going to London, I hope it won't be too cold up there because I really like going around this city. It's also very cold here and we don't have much luck with snow this winter. My pair of skis is ready and I hope I'll find some time to enjoy the snow soon.
This pic is from hot Vegas from the last September, taken by Jeff Binns.