torek, 30. september 2008


Here are few snapshots from Vegas.

Over the weekend I met a lot of superstars of the sport none more super than the great Lenda Murray.

petek, 26. september 2008

ViVa Las Vegas


I'm little late...arrived to Vegas yesterday...staying at Orleans.
It's great here, weather is fantastic and muscles everywhere you look.

And I've also met Slovenian celebrity here, Jurij Bradac.

sreda, 10. september 2008

The best sponsor

Yes, I have a great sponsor for two years now :)
Surprisingly it's not sport nutrition, far from that.
It's a company with street fashion and they have really great clothes there! You know that's pretty hard for us bodybuilders to find some nice clothes which fits us and we all have the same problem; well, not me since I have No Rools shop :)
On most of my photos I'm dressed in sponsor clothes but here is something from new collection.

sreda, 03. september 2008

Little vacation part 2

Vacations are over but we still have very warm and sunny weather here...I love it.
And here are few more pics from seaside in my photo album...