sreda, 29. september 2010

Till next year again...

I've spend my last day in Vegas with friends...
With Zoa we made a promise that will we work hard and step on Ms Olympia stage again next year. Also we made an very important pact that we will do our best to be kind and friendly ambassadors of female bodybuilding sport always willing to help other girls and our duty is to kick each others asses in case any of us turns out to be a mean bit..

Mohamad on the left has a Muscle Mass nutrition shop in Dubai. Soon he will open another one at Jumeirah and that means I'll be back to one of my favorite cities :)
And famous Anton Kraft who is a holder of the World and European Bench Press Record.
And few pics from very well-known sign...

torek, 28. september 2010

Suit by Celeste

I was very lucky to be sponsored by Celeste who made me the perfect posing suit for Ms Olympia. I felt really great and everybody loved it!
I sure know who will make my posing suit for the next Ms Olympia...
See the photos...what do you think? Isn't just perfect?!

nedelja, 26. september 2010

FLEX Award 2010 Rookie of the year 2010

When I already thought everything is over I got another surprise today.
Was sitting at the party Olympia Victory Gala, enjoying huge portion of delicious ice cream and clapping my hands to the great people of IFBB who received special FLEX awards when I heard my name for the nomination for fbb rookie of the year 2010. Wow! Yeah, almost fell of the chair when Bob Cicherillo announced me as a winner of this category! OMG!

And photos with IFBB Olympia legends...Ronnie Coleman, Iris Kyle and Franco Columbo...

After Olympia Victory Gala there was a time to go clubbing...this time it was The Palms, night club Rain. Great club with good house music. You wouldn't believe how many people wanted to take a photo with me! Here are the best ones :D

In the morning, when I saw the huge line for taxis I just had to give up...after so many hours even the best shoes start to pinch you...luckily there was plenty of barefooted girls :)

sobota, 25. september 2010

Happy birthday

Yes, I got the best birthday present in my life-that was standing on Ms Olympia stage exactly on Sept 24th and I had a great time! Experience was simply amazing and cannot wait to be back next year again.

Here are the photos from my favorite girls after the show, Zoa Linsey and of course Helen Bouchard. Oh, I have some great shots with Helen which we did together with Dan Ray...coming up soon.

Right after the contest I had to go celebrate, was invited to Mandalay Bay Hotel to the russian cuisine called Red Square. The food was just amazing! Wondering about another present? Oh, still in shock, will show it soon ;)

Back to the Orleans where we met Mia Finnegan again. She's the real legend in this business and such a sweethart!

petek, 24. september 2010


Sure, a little bit.
Yeah, got the last callout at the prejudging stage on Ms Olympia today but I know I didn't deserved more. Did few small mistakes which cost me a good placing but you know the saying "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".
So if I'll place last on Olympia I'll just have more motivation to come better next year.

It was a big pressure from outside but that's not the reason... I'm grateful to everybody who was supporting me on my way to the big stage and there was really a lot of people, more than I would ever expected to be! Thank you for everything and I'm sorry if I let you down...but I can promise you it won't happen again.

Here are few shots from Meet the Olympians of the kindest and biggest European fbb Jana Linke-Sipl...

...and my favorite one and only 8 times Miss Olympia Lenda Murray who is still my role model...

I'll take a brake after this contest, I definitely need one because my goals for this year are more than accomplished...and keep following my blog, it's only the big battle that I've lost, not the war :)

sreda, 22. september 2010

Greeting from Vegas

Yeah, I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog but I didn't have much energy preparations for Ms Olympia were short and intense and now it's only few more days to go... Oh, I'm so excited!

I'm already in Vegas, training in Gold's gym twice per day and here I have few casual shots for you...before hitting the gym, steak which I got for reward for great workout I did (unfortunately it was gone before my trainer managed to take a picture :), evening workout again...

Anyway, stay tunned and I'll do my best to show you few shots everyday!