nedelja, 26. september 2010

FLEX Award 2010 Rookie of the year 2010

When I already thought everything is over I got another surprise today.
Was sitting at the party Olympia Victory Gala, enjoying huge portion of delicious ice cream and clapping my hands to the great people of IFBB who received special FLEX awards when I heard my name for the nomination for fbb rookie of the year 2010. Wow! Yeah, almost fell of the chair when Bob Cicherillo announced me as a winner of this category! OMG!

And photos with IFBB Olympia legends...Ronnie Coleman, Iris Kyle and Franco Columbo...

After Olympia Victory Gala there was a time to go clubbing...this time it was The Palms, night club Rain. Great club with good house music. You wouldn't believe how many people wanted to take a photo with me! Here are the best ones :D

In the morning, when I saw the huge line for taxis I just had to give up...after so many hours even the best shoes start to pinch you...luckily there was plenty of barefooted girls :)

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gert1969 pravi ...

Manny congratulations Brigita. You earned it!

mattmuscle pravi ...

Congratulations to all the titles + your birthday, too!

Wrote something within a few posts in my blog + put a link to your blog.

I loaned one picture from here (hope, it is okay): It so lovely to see you so happy with that rookie-award!

Hope you like what I have written.