petek, 24. september 2010


Sure, a little bit.
Yeah, got the last callout at the prejudging stage on Ms Olympia today but I know I didn't deserved more. Did few small mistakes which cost me a good placing but you know the saying "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".
So if I'll place last on Olympia I'll just have more motivation to come better next year.

It was a big pressure from outside but that's not the reason... I'm grateful to everybody who was supporting me on my way to the big stage and there was really a lot of people, more than I would ever expected to be! Thank you for everything and I'm sorry if I let you down...but I can promise you it won't happen again.

Here are few shots from Meet the Olympians of the kindest and biggest European fbb Jana Linke-Sipl...

...and my favorite one and only 8 times Miss Olympia Lenda Murray who is still my role model...

I'll take a brake after this contest, I definitely need one because my goals for this year are more than accomplished...and keep following my blog, it's only the big battle that I've lost, not the war :)

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