torek, 22. julij 2014

San Diego

I'm late again with my update which cannot be called an update anymore as those pics are few months old now...but I have to finish this trip before I can post more up-to-date photos.
Here are few more shots from my trip to San Diego...walking around the USS Midway after spending a day exploring the battleship...

Hotel Coronado was booked up but I had to visit the most legendary landmark and one of the most historic hotels in US; the famous movie Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis was filmed here!
I was staying in a gorgeous place at Coronado Bay Hotel with lots of fruit trees and a beautiful view... I had lots of fun using my climbing skills (my favorite childhood activity) :D
The next stop was Sea World!
Dancing with dolphin and my best friend :D
Trek to the frozen north (ride with simulated jet copter) was exciting but watching poor polar bear pacing back and forth in utter boredom made me pretty sad. It's such a small space and such an artificial setting... Polar bears don't do well in captivity, and the pacing is the start of it. Typically, they will begin pacing to such an extreme that they stop eating and die of starvation...
Overall, the park is really nice but most of the animals live in very small, unnatural enclosures. It was depressing to see whales in such small and limiting environment. I was disappointed with the whale tanks which are the size of a bathtub by perspective...two of killer whales had curved dorsal fins...whales live half the life they should because they are in a tank... If you love whales and dolphins, I suggest you take a whale watching tour and go see whales free and happy to avoid heartache... 

ponedeljek, 14. april 2014

San Diego: USS Midway

Large and very impressive USS Midway Aircraft Museum is a must see thing even if you're not a military fan. There is a huge flight deck with real planes, jets and helicopters, real naval aircraft carrier that served in the United States Navy for 47 years. I couldn't stop taking pictures so here is only the "small part" :)

You can actually walk into and even sit in the cockpits of some planes!

I loved wandering through the ship, climbing and touring the various levels, imagining the way things were when it was not dry docked. You need plenty of time to wander the ship as it is much larger than it appears and there is tons of things you need to see!  
 And don't forget the amazing view :)

četrtek, 27. marec 2014

Time in Columbus

I'm late with my post...again...but I'm really busy lately which is good :)
Here are last shots from Columbus; I had some free time which was perfect for visiting the gallery after that much shopping and food. So I went to Columbus Museum of Art to see collections of European and American Modernism... but he only interesting thing for my taste was Toulouse-Lautrec's Paris and beautiful interior!
The next thing on the list was Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which was a great place to spend few relaxing hours! You can walk through a variety of the biomes, including tropical rain forrest, the desert, Himalayas...and spectacular palm house.