ponedeljek, 03. november 2014

Vegas 2014 Part 1

I love Las Vegas!  Just like the t-shirt says LOL! :D
Some people say it's just bright shiny lights and nothing there is real, but I love being there and I really enjoy the hot weather and desert air.  Las Vegas is a special city for me, it was THE highlight of the year for me the past 4 years. In each of those years, I always had an amazing time, both competing at Ms. Olympia and celebrating my birthday ...
This year was totally different, but again I had an amazing time!
My trip started with an upgrade at the Cosmopolitan hotel to a fabulous corner apartment with a spectacular view of the Bellagio fountains! I loved sitting on the balcony watching the world go by ... there was a great view of Caesars Palace, Paris, and the the rest of that part of the Strip.
It wasn't all about the balcony though, there was time for the pool area with sunbeds in the water...I didn't wanna leave! 
Another plus for Cosmopolitan is Holstein's! Seriously the best burgers are made here!  

The hotel is bristling with collections of contemporary art, my favorite one is obviously giant red stiletto shoe!

As a big Michael Jackson fan I went to the Mandalay Bay to see the Michael Jackson One performance. The dancers were great and the light show was spectacular!
It was hard to keep track of all the performers as they were on the stage, in the air, literally climbing up the walls and then coming down from the ceiling! Wow!

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