ponedeljek, 11. november 2013

More Vegas...

Ok, that's the last photo book from Vegas... I still have too many shots from California coming up!

Here I am, driving one of the biggest cars during all our stay :D

As every year I had my birthday just few days before Ms. Olympia but that didn't stop me from having a big bloody steak and great time with my best guys!

nedelja, 10. november 2013

Fun in Vegas

I'm still posting about great time :)
There is just too many amazing moments captured in photos.
We went up to one of Vegas biggest attractions, Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in US. They have an enclosed observation area with a 360 degree view of Vegas and an open observation deck with a view of the Strip.

I got my caricature done :) Do you like it?

After Olympia we were staying at Encore at Wynn. Although we got lost in the huge lobby few times, our stay was simply stunning! Beautiful exterior and well-designed interior,  spectacular pool area, the stuff...everything is top notch. Not to mention dinning, shopping and nightlife!

sobota, 02. november 2013

Vegas at night...

No comment needed... :)