sobota, 25. september 2010

Happy birthday

Yes, I got the best birthday present in my life-that was standing on Ms Olympia stage exactly on Sept 24th and I had a great time! Experience was simply amazing and cannot wait to be back next year again.

Here are the photos from my favorite girls after the show, Zoa Linsey and of course Helen Bouchard. Oh, I have some great shots with Helen which we did together with Dan Ray...coming up soon.

Right after the contest I had to go celebrate, was invited to Mandalay Bay Hotel to the russian cuisine called Red Square. The food was just amazing! Wondering about another present? Oh, still in shock, will show it soon ;)

Back to the Orleans where we met Mia Finnegan again. She's the real legend in this business and such a sweethart!

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MarcusAurel pravi ...

3rd place for the Slovenian Tiger!
Im sooooo proud of you! Indeed you had the best shape of your entire life, and they recognised it! I love you; greetings from Europe!

niko pravi ...

Congratulations Brigita!