petek, 05. oktober 2012

Ms. Olympia 2012

I feel blessed to participated on Ms. Olympia and it was amazing to be on the biggest stage again!
This year I placed 5th and learned many new things which will help me to bring even better package next year!

Walking to my next tanning appointment...


Best girls


Celebrating at the dinner...

3 komentarji:

Anonimni pravi ...

You have done a really good job.
You should, however, be placed higher.
Be proud of your job.

Rockandombe pravi ...

I'm sure you'll improve your place at the O next year, but I think there's no way to improve your beauty. You are THE woman. Go Brigita! Big kiss from Montevideo, Uruguay.


Anonimni pravi ...

Brigita - you looked simply amazing in these Olympia photos, just stunning. And congratulations!!

All the best, Anthony (Melbourne)