četrtek, 27. marec 2008

Few more pics...

...from Gene X again. My best photos ever; can't wait to shoot with him in shape.
Oh, my old email (info@brigitabrezovac.com) is out. Please use brigitabrezovac@gmail.com
I miss some of you ;)

2 komentarja:

Rhys pravi ...

Hi Brigita,

Many thanks for taking the time to update us with some real hot pixs as you seem to wear that red dress real well as you look really hot in it too! You have added a lot of awesome content to your blog, all while working extremely hard to improve your physique. WOW! Your improvements are nothing short of spectacular, and I believe the future will be even more amazing ;)! You define what a female bodybuilder should be. Beauty, femininity and MUSCLE all in a truly amazing woman with genuine qualities not found in many people.

Keep up the GREAT work my friend and have a nice week!

Best wishes,

Anonimni pravi ...

I obviously come here to enjoy the photos of your absolutely gorgeous body. I can see you worked very hard, and it paid of. I have seldomly seen such a pleasing and sexy physique.

But now this photo: your eyes are simply amazing, they almost make me forget about the muscles and everything. Thank you for this picture.