nedelja, 25. julij 2010

IFBB Europa Battle of Champions 2010

OMG, what a week! Second win in a row, it's hard to express my feelings right now…

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my joy and tell you about what a blast I had at this contest! And I'm not talking only about throwing colourful frisbees with Europa Pro logo from the stage; girls really had fun, dancing backstage…that was something totally different than you can see in European amateur contests.

Girls, I wanna thank you for being there, competing together and making all the new friendships. The biggest sunshine was of course Debbie, always wearing the biggest smile and full of positive energy, Lisette kept me happy with bag full of sweets, Daniela was there to help me with my earings, and of course Wendy who's been really supportive and my favorite european girl. Oh, and Helen I was sooo happy for her, you don't even know how much she sacrifised just to prepare for a show! And Skadi, Tammy, Cassandra... Congratulations to all of you fighting up there on stage!

It's such an amazing feeling when you really feel that you belong somewhere. As I'm the only fbb in my country I don't get a chance to stick with girls much so to me it was very special event.

I must admit I feel little bad because I took one spot for Olympia away from girls who really work hard and especially Debbie and Nicole are the one who would really deserve to be there. I wish Olympia would be more open to competitors because I love lots of girls around and full stage of muscles!

Anyway, thank you everybody for your support and prayers, I deeply appreciate that.

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Congratulations!!!! Slovenia is really proud of you! :-)