petek, 21. januar 2011

Cutting the claws...

...but only for a half :) Will update with the new photo soon :)

Anyway, I'm staying at home for a while and enjoying the steady schedule. Doing off-season, eating huge amounts of meat and working out hard.

Besides weights and yoga I have another new hobby. I do some boxing! Nope, I'm not obsessed with Rocky :) Btw, thank you my fan for sending me interesting present The Undisputed Collection of Rocky. Still I won't change my middle name for Balboa :)
We have a great professional boxer in our country, Dejan Zavec, IBF World Champion and I'm trained by one of his previous trainer.
Be careful :)

Otherwise no big news, I had some interesting interviews and shootings on our national tv, an opportunity to explain people more about bodybuilding and me and the response was amazing. Thank you all.

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