četrtek, 22. september 2011

2011 Olympia Victory Gala Dinner

I enjoyed the tasty food (and rather didn't count how many plates I had) and of course I made a bunch of photos for you!

The Ms. Olympia legends Yaxeni and Dayana and finally another beautiful European girl on Ms. Olympia stage Alina!

Couldn't pass the sweetest Antoinette and Kim with the biggest guns!

Unfortunately couldn't get to Phil Heath but I caught George Farrah and Brandon Curry :)

3 komentarji:

Andrea pravi ...

Unbelievable physiques shown there. Dayana, Yaxeni Kim and Alina are top competitors. And now you are in the top three Brigita. Good job!

luis fernando- rio de janeiro pravi ...

brigita you are sexy and beautiful,i love you i,m brazilian marry me?

luis fernando-rio de janeiro pravi ...

brigita brezovac godess and sexy.