torek, 25. oktober 2011

Vegas after O

I just realized I have tons of photos from my trip to US and as I'm not big fan of FB I'll rather upload them here, only for you my dearest fans :)

So let's start with Vegas best FBB friends, hard to find great girls like them and I feel blessed I have them by my side!

The Olympia Expo next day...with beautiful IFBB PRO figure competitor Bojana Vasiljevic

My trainer and another bunch of good FBB friends...

And two most famous trainers, Charles and Oma :)

3 komentarji:

OhioJC pravi ...

Thanks for the great post ... we were starving :) And, WOW, look at those amazing legs!!

Andrea pravi ...

Thank you Brigita for uploading all these female muscles for us :-)

mojca pravi ...

super izgledaš, brigita! res fantastično!!!