nedelja, 25. december 2011

Merry Christmas!

I did plenty of traveling this year and now I finally spent some time with my family and loved ones, enjoyed all day Christmas baking and had plenty of food…what a nice holidays!

And I have great news! I’m competing at Ms. International in Columbus Ohio on March 2nd 2012! I’m sooo excited! There will be amazing line-up and tough fight for the top places! What a great contest is coming up! It will be nice to see all the girls again and dear fans, believe me we are good friends and not having cat fights backstage lol. The best with this sport is that we do our job mostly at home when we train and diet for the last 3 months as hard as we can. We are competing with ourselves, not against others. We have to do the best and everybody has it's own way. We are all unique, we bring you the best we can and we are all champions. The rest is on the judges.

So I’ll do my best to present you my best package in little less than 10 weeks! Wow…maybe I should go to gym now…

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Riemschneider Karin pravi ...

Happy Holidays! and all the good in the world!