petek, 02. marec 2012

The day before... keep you informed :)
Today we had Meet&Greet the Athletes and we were extremely lucky as Arnold came from nowhere and joined our official meeting. He explained a bit of history around Arnold Classic and told us to enjoy the experience during the whole weekend, not just focusing on stage...
Also have some pics for you!
Here is Arnold...oh I was standing 2 meters away from him but it was impossible to get a photo...
Our best Olympia MC and much more...Bob Cicherillo
Sitting at my table at Meet & Greet...
And wearing BIG smile because I've just received the basket full of goodies and a backpack with even more stuff! On the card was signed Jim Lorimer and Arnold Schwarzenegger :)
OK, time to finish and get some sleep!
And you keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow ;)

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