ponedeljek, 14. maj 2012

Quick Update

Besides preparations for Olympia, which are going great btw, I'm trying to be active in our IFBB federation. This weekend I was in Zagreb at European Championship, doing the test to become an IFBB judge. As the federation here is very young we are looking for competitors and I would love to have my own team :) So boys and girls, bikini, figure and fitness or bodybuilding category, I need you on stage! And I'll help you to get into your best shape ever! Contact me for details!

Not in the official judging suit yet but close to it... :)

Another great IFBB judge, lovely Fabi Antoine 

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NITIN pravi ...

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonimni pravi ...

oh my God,
you are absolutely sexier with this serious businesswoman dress

Anonimni pravi ...

Hi Brigita,
Did your judging test scores agree with the judges' actual scores for the women's championships?

Good Luck

Anonimni pravi ...

I hate to comment but i am going to for this post. Thanks for your challenging work, please keep it up.:)