nedelja, 01. julij 2012

The best toy

Yes, I'm little behind with my blog as I'm already in Australia but I have to post few pics from Dubai, my favorite city, just to show off lol.
I got the best surprise ever! I knew there is a Porsche waiting for me as my best friend knows that I like great cars but didn't expect anything like that! WoW!!!

So this beautiful monster is another good reason why I'll be back there very soon :)

2 komentarja:

Anonimni pravi ...

this is Porsche? come on! Brigita, it is very ugly, it looks like a truck, come to my country i will give you a real Porsche a sports car..

Brigita Brezovac pravi ...

Well, if you check my blog about the year back, you'll see I have another best friend with amazing sport Porsche...but I like my truck :) For me it's the most beautiful one because it's mine :D