sreda, 13. februar 2013

Dubai part 2

I was so happy doing my cardio on a sunny and warm beach in the mornings. Usually it was very empty and it was simply amazing having a choice to run on the running track which goes around the beach and is 4km long (almost 2,5 miles); and it's real rubberized artificial running surface! Or maybe do some power walking on the soft sand and pick up some shelves on the way. Who could wish for more :)

Some more colorful workouts :)

During my stay I had great photo shooting with Mansion Studios and will share some of the photos soon :) Here is something "behind the scene", the outside shooting...

I always have to mention my special car who makes me happy and fast :) You definitely cannot miss me - if not because of the look, then because of the loud exhaust for sure :)

My trip ended up with one more Friday barbecue at my friends villa and I never had so much chicken and lamb in my life in one meal but eating that hot spicy meat directly from the gril was delicious! Later we had some corn and karak, the best one made by my best friend. Now I know the secret but it will have to wait till next barbecue time. A shot explanation: Karak is a concoction of black tea, condensed milk and generous amounts of sugar :) You can also ad spices like cardamom and saffron.

Leaving Dubai at rainy airport; sounds amazing, I had rain in the desert :)  

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