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Female Bodybuilding Cancelled?

Two years ago the rumors started...some people would say it aloud and they were marked as haters of the sport...for many of them it was just business. We were comforting ourselves that the sky ain't falling yet and it dropped directly to our heads. Those of you who don't read strange BB forums or kill the time on FB I just wanna inform that the Arnold or Ms. International female bodybuilding show was cancelled. To be more accurate, it was replaced by 212 men's bodybuilding. No petition will help to save this show. Don't sign stuff on the internet and share your info with strangers.

Somewhere along the way we lost it...where, how...who is to blame for? Competitors? Because we all wanted to win? Media support and exposure because there was almost none or maybe sponsors because we are not in the business or public who doesn't come to see our shows because there is nothing left for "normal" pair of eyes about the femininity and beauty...could we blame the judges because they set the bar a bit too high? Ms.O is the standard we are all trying to reach by trying to get more muscular, more shredded...of course we all wanna win Ms. Olympia! The dream about the title is guiding us through hard times of preparations for the show and the end result or peak shape as we call it is the look which scares people away. Sure the contest shape is an amazing achievement and the sign of dedication and discipline...but is also the right look to represent great and healthy sport? Same goes for men bodybuilding which is going to the freaky size too.

Don't get me wrong here. Bodybuilding is the best sport which teaches you the greatest discipline and dedication. You realize how powerful tool is your brain, your willpower will move tons of weight in each workout, you will diet and starve for a higher purpose, put your body through physical and mental stress... Yes, you are really something special if you get through all this :)

Why canceling the FBB? The reason they say it's business. We don't have many shows left, only few for which some people stand up for only because of personal dedication to the sport. It's true ffbs don't have many people at the show as our circle of fans is small; we don't spend much time with family as we have to follow our schedule, eat clean and train hard...we don't go to all the birthday partys of the family, we don't always have time for our friends...and our circle of people is getting smaller. All you always have is the weights and next contest to fight for. Which seems enough at that time. When you are in the wheel of bodybuilding, competing at the top, it's hard to be aware what is really going on... you just have to accept things and tolerate it a bit...and after a while maybe you don't even notice them just goes along...

They tried to save the sport once...with the "infamous 20% less"rule which was never really enforced. I believe that could work. They could limit the weight considering the height, besides muscularity and % of body fat the criteria for win could be also symmetry, femininity, presentation on stage... And here we are at the physique category which is slowly turning to light feminine bodybuilding. These ladies look gorgeous.

But out there are many women who really love bodybuilding and now they won't have the opportunity to show their achievements and hard work. Not all have the structure to downsize to physique. What is left for them?

Can female bodybuilding be saved?

It's business, I do understand.
But do I agree? Who cares...

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Anonimni pravi ...

Hello Brigita

Absolutely agree - very difficult times for female bodybuilders.

Hope at least Ms Olympia can be kept with sensible judging criteria to allow all of you who have worked so hard to display what you have achieved!

Paul x

Anonimni pravi ...

Well, I don't really understand why the female bodybuilding phenomenon is so obstructed. In fact, many of the reasons brought for this behavour are as well valid for many other sports or situations of life, but these last are not so impeded. I guess probably most people are scared of a muscular woman for a reason I don't understand: it is only a way to live, perhaps for many not the best but surely not the worst. It would be interesting to talk about this with you, if you have time. Best regards.

Anonimni pravi ...

Why not discuss our displeasure or sign online petitions with other FBB fans? I think we all know, in the back of our minds, that it's not going to save the show. It's still conforting to know there are other people out there that are just as upset about the whole thing too.

Where FBB lost it's way? My guess was capitulating on the "femininity" requirement and having "physique" shows for all the horndog males in the audience.