sobota, 17. avgust 2013

Predjama Castle

After the cave we went to see the mysterious and impregnable renaissance castle which has been perched up in the middle of high cliff for more than 700 years. Predjama (the name means "Castle in from of the cave" in Slovenian) castle is built into an overhanging rock in front of a karst cave hall that is connected with a cave system underneath the castle.

According to the legend we even had local Robin Hood in the 15th century, called Erazem Jamski. Actually he was well-known robber baron in the region. When the Austrians decided to besiege the castle and starve him to death he was throwing fresh cherries and fried beef down from the castle after one year of being in there as there are many caves, holes and hidden rows that lead outside.
Unfortunately he died while sitting on the toilet; he was betrayed by a man who light a candle in the room he was in. A single cannon ball was launched and the knight was caught with his pants down...


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