petek, 23. oktober 2009

Finally back home...

with the awful cold :(
Have to rest in bed and drink lots of tea and get well as soon as possible...

The competition season is over and I'm satisfied with my result.
I have finally stepped on the stage of IFBB federation and I'm very proud of that (especially after some people trying to disqualify me from the contest because of competing in other federations).
I was competing on IFBB Worlds Women Championship in Como, Italy and I finished 2nd among 18 competitors in my category, heavy weight bodybuilding. It's the best result in Slovenian history of bodybuilding after all.
Here are some photos for you and you can find much more on the internet. I have to say that photographers were really great and did amazing job!

And also something from after party in georgeous Villa Erba with big celebrities in our sport, Klaudia Larson, Kai Green and Shawn Ray.

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