torek, 13. oktober 2009

IX World Cup Grand Prix “Dionysopolis”

I was competing on invitational Grand Prix on Sunday in Bolgaria, in sunny and warm Balchik. It was amazing experience, very good organization of the contest and I've been competing with wonderful girls who had very good bodies and even nicer personalities. I won bodybuilding category and overall :)
I'll write and show you more photos tomorrow...

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My grandfather was born in 1912 in the village HEIDENSCHAFT, Julian Alps, at that time Austrian Empire. My mother was born in that same village in 1941, when it was Italian with the name AIDUSSINA. From 1947 that village became Yugoslavian and from 1991 it is Slovenian with the name AJDOVŠČINA.
Horrors, crimes, mournings and a lot of borders changings had crossed that village through the 20th century, but since 2007 it is possible to go from Austria and from Italy to that village without hurdles, because Slovenia entered the European Union.
I hope some day all borders histories may become like this.
Best wishes to You and to all Slovenia!

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Čestitke za doseženo zmago, za čim boljšo uvrstitev na naslednjih tekmah pa definitivno držim pesti. Super si.
Pozdrav obema.

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naucil veliko

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Hi there

Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!