sobota, 18. junij 2011

First show, first win

I won the battle with Canadians :)

Girls were in very good shape at Toronto Pro Supershow and I enjoyed being on stage and back stage with them! Respect to all of you fellow FBB's!

Few unexpected things happen like my bra exploding on stage ;O

And nope, I didn't wanna copy Janet Jackson lol. Luckily as a black belted karate girl I still have very good reflexes and I caught it before people really noticed what's going no points for that, fair play :) Thank you Lyris Cappelle for a quick fix!

At the end I have to bow to Mah Ann Mendoza, the strongest girl out there with amazing spirit and great body! Like Tammy said, Mah Ann deserves the Life Achievement Award!

5 komentarjev:

Exodus pravi ...

Congratulations Brigita on winning the Toronto Pro! I wish you all the best when you compete at the Ms.O this year! :)

american-sin pravi ...

Congratulations Brigita on the Toronto show, the Ms Olympia is yours, I love you.

Mass Gain Project pravi ...

Congrats on the win!

Mass Gain Project pravi ...

Congrats on the win

Andrea pravi ...

Congratulations Brigita, you were definitely the best on a stage of good bodybuilders.