nedelja, 26. junij 2011

Tampa is Over

First I wanna thank you my dearest fans for all the support you are giving me!

I owe you some report from another contest I wanted to win, especially because of beautiful trophy I got last year...but this time I got third.

I was very happy with my shape as it was even better than Toronto, bigger and harder! That's why I love to compete-it's improving my shape :)
And even the bad skin allergy I got few days before the show didn't affect my conditioning.
Lightning on stage was not as good as Toronto but it was much easier to pose and survive all the comparisons :)

The girls were simply amazing and they all came in great shape! WOW, that was a hard line-up and probably one of the toughest competitions I would say!

Will post some "unofficial" photos from us later, stay tunned :)

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Andrea pravi ...

All competitors were good.... but you were better as these pics show. Congratulations Brigita!